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VIvidHR is a premier staffing leader in the Tucson area with years of experience in providing exceptional Human Resource staffing solutions to businesses throughout Tucson, AZ and beyond. Our team of dedicated HR professionals is committed to providing the highest level of service and support to our clients, ensuring that their HR needs are consistently met with precision and efficiency.

Customized Human Resource Staffing For Your Business

VividHR offers customized Human Resource (HR) staffing solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Our team of experts understands the importance of a well-qualified and dedicated workforce in delivering top-notch services to your organization. 

Examples Of Roles We Hire For

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Human Resource Assistant

Human resources assistants help HR directors and managers with administrative tasks. HR assistants document information related to employees and help with the recruitment process.


Recruiters find and attract qualified applicants for open positions. They review resumes and interview applicants until they find just what an employer is looking for.

Human Resource Manager

Human resources managers oversee the HR department and ensure team members are performing their duties effectively. They handle onboarding, offboarding and much more.

Human Resources Generalist

Human resources generalists perform administrative tasks and are responsible for managing the daily operations of the human resources department.

All Human Resource Staffing Roles We Hire For in Tucson, AZ:

We understand that every business has unique Human Resource Staffing needs in Tucson, that’s why we offer a range of staffing opportunities.

  • Employment Specialists: Often referred to as “job placement specialists,” these professionals leverage their expertise to pair individuals with specific job openings. They typically operate within human resources departments or employment agencies. Employment specialists possess in-depth knowledge about a company’s job descriptions, hiring procedures, salary structures, and benefits packages. Their outreach efforts may include attending job fairs, collaborating with educational institutions, and networking within professional organizations to identify potential candidates. 
  • Human Resource Assistant:A human resources assistant’s responsibilities primarily revolve around providing administrative support to HR directors and managers. Their tasks include the meticulous documentation of employee absences, terminations, performance evaluations, grievances, and compensation details. Additionally, they actively participate in the recruitment process, which involves tasks like drafting job descriptions, reaching out to references, and maintaining communication with prospective candidates.
  • Human Resource Coordinator:Human resources coordinators play a crucial role in supporting HR programs and operations, guided by HR directors or managers. Their responsibilities encompass organizing employee orientations, handling staff inquiries, and managing various aspects of employee training and growth initiatives. These coordinators also engage in research to stay informed about industry trends and best practices, with the aim of refining HR procedures and policies to elevate employee satisfaction levels.
  • Recruitment Managers: Recruitment managers must possess a comprehensive recruiting background to oversee fellow recruiters and administer a company’s sourcing, interview, and hiring processes. Their expertise should encompass a solid understanding of labor laws. Moreover, they collaborate with departmental managers to anticipate future staffing requirements and diligently monitor recruitment metrics to ensure the optimization of the hiring process.
  • Human Resource Managers: Human resources managers have the overarching responsibility of supervising the entire HR department, ensuring the efficient execution of team members’ roles. They engage in strategic discussions with executive-level personnel to refine the hiring process and diligently supervise their team’s activities to attain desired results. HR managers frequently conduct exit interviews and manage delicate employee matters. Furthermore, they hold the duty of maintaining departmental records and organizational charts.
  • Director Of Human Resources: Human Resources Directors, often referred to as “HR Directors,” generally possess an extensive background in human resources, particularly in team management. Their primary responsibility involves overseeing the company’s HR department to enhance its efficiency and profitability. HR Directors regularly communicate with their company’s Chief Executive Officer, providing comprehensive insights into various HR facets, including policy implementation. They take charge of employee orientation and training initiatives, manage database procedures, and guarantee adherence to federal, state, and local regulations. Additionally, HR Directors may assume responsibility for departmental budget oversight.

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